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Benvenuti a Casa Nostra. Our Story begins with Giulio Forti, baker, Rome. It continues today in the fourth generation.




Our Story begins in Rome, Italy, with baker, Giulio Forti. It continues today in the fourth generation on the same promise to you: to craft the best quality food from scratch. Why? Because we believe good food should always bring us to the table. Giulio immigrated to Hibbing, Minnesota and started Sunrise Bakery in 1913. The original bake shop has grown from a wood-fired oven and horse drawn carriages to a regional wholesale bakery, fresh bakery and soon to be pizzeria, producer of local ethnic foods and coffee and espresso shop.

Our Mission to You: to provide made from scratch, high quality baked goods and foods to commemorate this Region’s rich history and to create a space to slow down, sit down, and bring us together to the table.

Wholesale, Private Label, Drop Ship: In 2007, we completed the transition a century in the making from a regional distributer of fresh bakery to wholesale distributer of our hand-crafted goods. We expanded production to a new production facility that allowed us to transition from fresh local bakery to a dedicated line of handcrafted, made from scratch goods. We bake our products from scratch and without preservatives then freeze them to permit for bulk distribution of preservative free goods of the highest quality. Our model permits our customers to minimize waste and maximize freshness. Our frozen goods line includes all of our favorites however we routinely perform private label drop ship services or custom make product to meet your vision.

Retail Bakery and Pizzeria: The heart of our business remains in Hibbing at our retail shop and pizzeria, committed to serving the Iron Range. We offer fresh bakery and bread, cakes, espresso, coffee, catering, a deli and soon a wood fired pizzeria. Stop in to buy our hand-crafted potica, pasties or porketta or our world renowned Italian bread. Special order cakes, bakery or catering for your special occasion. We aim to be a space to bring us together across different generations and communities because collaboration and camaraderie has always made the Iron Range. Since the original Sunrise Bakery, the Forti family has expanded to Hibbing’s favorite Sunrise Deli and Creative Gourmet (think hand-crafted noodles and raviolis) and the renowned Iron Ranger, St. Paul Minnesota.

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