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January Special: Pecan Potica, $9.99

Who said New Year's Resolutions couldn't taste good? We didn't! We resolve to bring you good health in 2014: with pecan potica.  All January, this Sunrise favorite is available online for $9.99. 

With this, we kick off our monthly specials. Subscribe to the Baker's Corner, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to stay informed of these specials. Each month we will highlight a Sunrise product and offer it at a special rate. 

potica 11

Pecan potica is made with our famous potica dough and filled with a scrumptious combination of pecans, brown sugar and butter. It makes for a slightly sweeter filling than that of our ever popular walnut potica. 

Pecans are rich in vitamins and nutrients needed to support a happy and healthy you. This southern nut is packed with maganese, copper, thiamin, magnesium, fiber, protein and iron. Pecans are shown to promote digestive health, boost heart health, reduce stroke and breast cancer risk, and work as an anti-inflamatory.

And as for the butter and brown sugar....nothing will hurt you in moderation. 

Happy New Year, Happy New Century for us! We look forward to the year and century to come. 

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