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Happy Fourth of July & Hibbing All-Class Reunion

Happy Fourth of July & Hibbing All-Class Reunion

Welcome July! This month, we welcome to Hibbing all the Hibbing High alums who have come and are coming home to celebrate. From July 5-13, 2014, Hibbing will be hosting an All-Class Reunion. Check out and enjoy the schedule of events:


At Sunrise, we will be serving all our ethnic favorites to the visitors, alums and of course, our regulars. Our bakers have been busy crafting poticas, potica coffee cake and potica bars. In-store, we will have specials all week. Online, we are offering twenty percent off during the reunion for those who could not make it here to celebrate. Enter code: ALLCLASS2014 at checkout. 

Around the corner awaits the Fourth of July. Call us today to special order buns, cookies, cakes and treats to celebrate the holiday weekend. 


Banana Flips:July's Featured Product. Savor these old time classics all month long. We craft these favorites with a rich sponge cake filled with a fluffy banana filling. Available online, all month, $7.99, No code needed.

July's Featured Artisan Bread: Finnish Rye: a hearty favorite. $1.99, in-store and July only. 



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