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The Baker's Corner: where we share with you the best baking secrets, recipes, sales, specials, strategies, events, tricks of the trade, stories, memories, and most of all lots of warmth and laughter. Why? Because we have always believed that like crafting quality food and bread, running a family-business is about creating moments and traditions to be enjoyed.

It's coming... Valentine's Day

Amidst the dead and darkness of winter, we all need something to inspire us, to rejuvenate us from the cold and remind us that spring will come! So, let us turn to February 14th: the day of love, a day of giving. The day we all step back, breathe and remember how good this life really is, that we got a lot of love in it and a lot of love to give.

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day here at Sunrise? For one-hundred plus years we have always believed that this business isn't just about crafting quality, preservative-free goods, but it's also about creating moments, memories and traditions to be treasured. We hope to be part of your tradition this Valentine's Day. And what better tradition to begin than sending your favorite Sunrise goodies, with customized Valentine's Day wrapping and a card, to the ones you love?

Val resize  

So, we are sharing with you, first, our upcoming specials. On January 31, 2014, we are kicking off the season with an online special of buy one pack of biscotti and get one free. Our scrumptious biscotti comes in ten varieties and is perfect for dunking in your favorite cold weather, warm beverage or your favorite vin santo. Enter coupon code: SHOPVDAY at check-out.

February 1st-5th, we are offering 20% off site wide. Share the gift of potica with those you love. Use coupon code VDAY2014 at check-out. 

Stay warm, kick your feet up, let this cold weather nourish and replenish your spirit and let us spark a new tradition for you this Valentine's Day.


January Special: Pecan Potica, $9.99

Who said New Year's Resolutions couldn't taste good? We didn't! We resolve to bring you good health in 2014: with pecan potica.  All January, this Sunrise favorite is available online for $9.99. 

With this, we kick off our monthly specials. Subscribe to the Baker's Corner, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to stay informed of these specials. Each month we will highlight a Sunrise product and offer it at a special rate. 

potica 11

Pecan potica is made with our famous potica dough and filled with a scrumptious combination of pecans, brown sugar and butter. It makes for a slightly sweeter filling than that of our ever popular walnut potica. 

Pecans are rich in vitamins and nutrients needed to support a happy and healthy you. This southern nut is packed with maganese, copper, thiamin, magnesium, fiber, protein and iron. Pecans are shown to promote digestive health, boost heart health, reduce stroke and breast cancer risk, and work as an anti-inflamatory.

And as for the butter and brown sugar....nothing will hurt you in moderation. 

Happy New Year, Happy New Century for us! We look forward to the year and century to come. 

Crafting Potica: A Photo Guide

Potica (po-TEE-tsa) is an Eastern European dessert bread. Its history is rich here on the Iron Range and it may be the item that most defines the Sunrise Bakery.

In the 1960's, Ginny Forti, current co-owner of Sunrise, set out to be the first to commercially market this bread nationally and internationally. So the story goes, Eunice Kennedy visited the Iron Range, tried potica, and declared it to be served at her brother's inaugural celebration, if he was elected. This was confirmation enough of this dessert bread's popularity, to inspire Ginny to market it. And so it all began... Then in the early 1990's, the Los Angeles Times discovered and covered this delicacy, helping to propel our national sales.

In time, potica would become a food that defined both the region and state's culinary scene. In part, our success is due to the complexity of creating this product. Like all our products, we still craft each potica loaf from scratch and by hand. Here is a step-step photo guide:

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

As we are about to wrap up another holiday season and our one-hundredth year, we want to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy the days to come. Stay tuned for more tips in the New Year. What will our one-hundredth and one year bring?

On the dawning of our second century: thank you.

On the eve of 2014, we say goodbye to our one-hundredth year and prepare to enter our second century. It has been a year of reflection: on what a century means and on the infinite number of customers, employees and memories that filled our first century. We have savored, with awe, both your support and this milestone. And, we are ready for 2014, which we hope to be a year of growth, both locally and nationally, and of fulfilling our promise to you: to bring quality, hand-crafted, preservative free goods to your table. So, one more time, to one-hundred years: Salute! Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you. We enter our second century filled with infinite gratitude. May 2014 bless us all. 


In the News & Our News

Here we are, amidst the most wonderful time of the year. Although, the irony of that sentence is rich, as we cap off our first week of negative twenty temperatures up here in Hibbing, MN.  For most, it is a season of family, friends, snow, sleigh rides, giving, Christmas lights, good food and joy. Here at Sunrise, it is a season of potica, potica, potica, potica, potica and more potica. And a wonderful season it is!  However, we found time to break from the walnuts, honey and butter, to share with you our latest news. 

Up North Magazine Article

Late fall, Kathy-Jo Wargin and Ed Wargin from North Magazine, a local journal out of Duluth, MN, came to visit us. We spent the day crafting our famous potica. We sent Kathy-Jo and Ed home with the perfected product. We hope it was as good to them, as their work about us was to us. Check it out:

Holiday Baking: Iron Range Gourmet

A Time-lapse of Making Potica

Now watch that video one more time and imagine repeating that process thousands of times per day: tis the season! Thanks Kathy-Jo and Ed.

The Sunrise Market 

This November, Tommy Forti, son of Mary Lou & Tom Forti, opened the Sunrise Market in St. Paul, MN. Located on 865 Pierce Butler, the Market offers Sunrise Creative Gourmet's products, our potica and favorite baked goods, and a variety of Fraboni's products. We are excited to be part of bringing Hibbing's finest foods to our loyal customer base in the City and we promise to keep you posted on the Sunrise Market's Grand Opening, soon to come. Explore more on the Sunrise Market: The Sunrise Market


Finally and most importantly, we wanted to thank the Hibbing Chamber & Mayor Cannatta for celebrating one-hundred years with us. We would have never made it to this milestone without the incredible community support we have had. Thank you: 



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