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The Baker's Corner: where we share with you the best baking secrets, recipes, sales, specials, strategies, events, tricks of the trade, stories, memories, and most of all lots of warmth and laughter. Why? Because we have always believed that like crafting quality food and bread, running a family-business is about creating moments and traditions to be enjoyed.

And in the hundredth year, there was a blog...

As we sit on the eve of our one hundred year anniversary, equally looking forward to the future while cognizant of and commemorating the past, we launch this blog, the Baker’s Corner.

We had hoped to somehow summarize our first one hundred years in an eloquent fashion, deserving of such an occasion. It would somehow speak of Pine Street, Hull Rust Mine, the first brick oven, the Italian bread, the family wine press, World War II, Nonna and Nonno, the city of Hibbing, stretching potica dough, potica, Ada and her cakes, my parents, the generations of customers who have supported us, baking bread, potica, my sister Linda, the smell of yeast, the food shows, packaging bread late on school nights, the old store, the new store, the lake brick oven, Mary's Bread Day, potica and more potica, Park Edition, ....and the list seems endless. And amidst these memories, we would begin to teach you how to bake and share with you our continuing stories, sales and successes.

But the task is too daunting. No words in one post could possibly do justice to the infinite number of customers, employees, friends and families that shaped and supported us for the past century. And I have been here for most of these one hundred years. So, I know the immense meaning of each of these people.

So, we will start short, and let this blog be a platform to start a conversation with you---an outlet for you to share your favorite Sunrise memories, to learn some of the family baking secrets and to stay abreast of what's new at the Bakery. Since this one hundreth year has made us a bit nostalgic, let's start at the beginning: one hundred years ago Giulio Forti came from Rome, Italy to Hibbing, MN and started the Sunrise Bakery and we are still here baking the same Italian bread today...

Thank you Hibbing. It has and continues to be a pleasure. 

What is your favorite Sunrise memory?

Ginny Forti

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