Ginny & Linda: Sisters and Visionaries

Ginny and Linda

From the mid-‘70’s through the mid ‘90’s, sisters Ginny and Linda Forti were the Bakery. These two sisters pushed the bakery from a regional distributor of breads, potica and fine Italian sweets and cookies into the national scene. They traveled coast-to-coast exhibiting their goods at food shows, building a national market one step at a time.

Then, in the mid-90's, Linda was diagnosed with cancer. Linda had a zest for life that was contagious—everywhere she went, she filled the space with a great love and a memorable laugh. Whether working behind the deli counter, at a trade show, or relaxing at the lake, she was a reminder that this life should be enjoyed and that good food, family and friends should be cherished.


Sadly, Linda passed away in 1999. The love and laughter she left behind will forever remain. Today, she is still celebrated, still remembered at the Bakery, where the iconic photo of her lounging on the beach serves as daily reminder to celebrate life. Make every day an occasion to celebrate.

A Century of Hand-Crafting


The Forti Family—Santi, Ada, Vincent and
Geno with parents Virginia and Giulio.


Tom, Vincent, Paul, Linda, Mary, Ginny
and Anna Forti (seated).


Second and Fourth Generation Bakers,
Grandpa Vincent and Paul Forti

The story of Sunrise Bakery begins in Rome, Italy. Giulio Forti, a seasoned Roman baker, ventures to Minnesota’s Iron Range seeking the promise of America. In 1913, he starts baking authentic Italian Breads. Sunrise Bakery is born. 

Marked by humble beginnings, hand-made goods and horse drawn carriages, Sunrise Bakery would grow from its original brick oven to a regional and national distributor of high quality, hand-crafted breads and baked goods. It would grow from hand-crafting authentic Italian breads  to a producer of the region's unique ethnic cuisine. 

Now in its fourth generation, our tradition of scratch baking continues. After learning the trade from his Grandfather Vincent, fourth generation owner and baker, Paul Forti, continues our legacy of creating high quality goods, made from scratch, without preservatives.

We exuberantly welcome our second century and take immense pride in the Forti family's many successes in crafting high quality food, including: Sunrise Deli & Sunrise Creative Gourmet, Hibbing, MN; The Iron Ranger, St. Paul, MN; and Three Spoon Bakery, Edina, MN.

May each hand-crafted delicacy bring you to your table. For the real power of food has always been in its ability to bring us together. 


The Forti Family