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Potica (pronounced po-TEE-tsa) is a paper-thin sweet bread filled with nuts, butter, honey and sugar. At the turn of the 19th century, immigrants flooded Minnesota's Iron Range in search of the prosperity promised by mining. Croatians, Slovenians and Serbians brought with them this Western European delicacy.

For generations, family and friends have gathered to craft potica together. The intricate process of rolling the paper thin layers promised that crafting potica  was always a community affair requiring the effort of many. In time, this delicacy became part of the region's unique cuisine. 

For some, potica is about the butter, honey and walnuts. For us from the Iron Range, it is also about the power of collaboration and community. It's a testament to our rich history of coming together and working together to achieve more.

In today’s world, the art of potica making may be a dying tradition. Here at Sunrise, we are happy to keep this craft and tradition alive for generations to come. Shop our potica, potica coffee cake or potica bars.